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Who we are

RSCMK Russian Speaking Community Milton Keynes is a charity organisation, which represents Russian speaking residents of Milton Keynes and surround areas.

Following a number of informal meetings between the current community committee members since 2006, eventually it has been decided to take the initiative to both formalise and enhance the community’s activities and address the creative ideas towards unifying the Russian speaking locals in the RSCMK community in order to add value to our good living in the region.

This includes making new friends for ourselves and for our children as well as creating regular exciting events to look forward to and educating our children by offering dedicated learning facilities.

With the aim of creating a local language school, we think it is quite important for our children to get a decent knowledge of Russian language and related subjects such as Russian culture, traditions and history.

We are looking forward to create a good future for us and our children in Milton Keynes and other close by regions.

Meet our team

Our Mission

We aim to help the Russian speaking residents of Milton Keynes and surroundings making their life more interesting by conducting regular events providing opportunity to meet new people and make new friends, enhancing communication and cultural entertainment.

We also aim to help the young generation of the local Russian community enhancing their Russian language skills as well as gaining knowledge of the related culture and traditions.

Team Introduction

RSCMK Presentation



Are you ambitious, talented and competent?

Talk to us, we would be delighted to work with specialists in any field who wishes to join our team of volunteers.

Do you have ideas, desire and willingness?

We are open to your suggestions!

We would be very glad to work with you and help you to realise and develop yourself by implementing your ideas,creativeness and knowledge.

(Photography, video, graphics design, theatre,drama, performance, working with children, music, events management and a lot more).

By being part of our team you will gain great experience and make a lot of new friends. Let everybody know how good you are and help us you yourself make our life better, friendly and happier.

Join us