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Copyright © 2013. RSCMK Russian Speaking Community Milton Keynes. All rights reserved

Short BiographyDance Classes  Milton Keynes

Tatiana Tasker (former Eranosyan) hails from Obninsk, The Kaluga region in Russia. Ever since the day she started dancing she was creating her own chirographies. At the age of fifteen years old she got her first contract as a choreographer with Contemporary Theater DEMI in Obninsk. She has won numerous prizes, awards and distinctions within and outside of Russia. Upon receiving a national award to continue her dance training, Tatiana moved to Rotterdam, The Netherlands to continue her professional education and dance experience. At the acclaimed Rotterdam University of Performing Arts CODARTS, she graduated with an Honours Degree in Dance, specialization Choreography. Tatiana has trained in dance styles such as Jazz, Modern, Ballet, Street Dance, Hip Hop and Contemporary.

She has been teaching and choreographing for over 10 years working for private studios, schools and theaters among them are DEMI Theater, Stichting TOBE Dordrecht, De Stilte Dance Company, David Lloyd Leisure, Russian Center Rotterdam Matryoshka, Noospheric School Borovsk. Tatiana has worked and performed for internationally recognized choreographers such as Andre Gingras, Leine & Roenanna Dance Company, Michael Schumacher, Peggy Olieslager, Dirk Dumon and Hans Hof Ensamble. After seven years of living and working in The Netherlands Tatiana has moved to The United Kingdom and currently is teaching dance lessons for professional and amateur dancers, as well as fitness lessons such as Zumba, Yoga and Pilates. She offers professional classed filled with energy and enjoyment.


Dance School

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  • Dancing skills development
  • Development of flexibility,movements, coordination and balance
  • Communication skills
  • Confidence and performance
  • Familiarity with multiple music and dancing styles

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Dance Classes

The dance classes are for children from 4 years old. Physical activity is very important for children , especially now , when they spend so much time in front of computers and books.

Dance classes are useful not only for physical body, but also for the overall development of the child.

Regular dancing allows developing enduring, flexibility, strengthens of muscles , coordination and balance of the children’s movements, creative thinking, enhanced imagination and more...

In addition dance practicing helps children to increase their self esteem through mastering new skills, as well as develop communication skills, they develop their communication and performance skills, learn to interact with other children who have similar interests.

Our classes are designed to give your child an opportunity to experience various dance styles, including Modern, Street Dance and Hip Hop. Through the performance experience children will develop artistic skills and self confidence.

Age group


Dance classes time

Every Saturday from 12pm

Classes run for 1 hour

Dance Classes location

The Hazeley Academy

Emperor Drive, Hazeley,  Milton Keynes,  MK8 0PT

Dance classes fees

£5 per class for RSCMK members

£6 for non members

The payment is made for the term.

The 1st session is a trial session and can be paid for separately as for a single session.

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* Please book your session in advance by email or phone

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